Course + Community

$199 USD

What you will get 

Membership to: 

Rich Ideas Lab: 

  • A valuable network of people just like you who are where you want to be.  
  • Weekly Jam Session calls where we riff on ideas, discuss plans, and talk about trends. 
  • Monthly playbooks that break down how to execute in various industries that will create financial freedom 

Access to course:


 How to Make Time and Money will teach you:

  • How to find your idea and evaluate ideas that scale. 
  • How to build and grow your project. 
  • How to create a company that gives you freedom.



Rich Ideas Lab was built to help the thousands of outdoorsman who just want to make their own hours, spend more time outdoors, and work on something they love. We help you get there. After completing the entrepreneur course we will set up a 30 min coaching call to help you get on the path that is going to make you successful. 

"It's like having a beers with someone who will change your life in the best way possible "


  • The education they don't teach in school.
  • A network of successful minds via group chat.
  • Weekly jam session calls.
  • In depth playbooks
  • Access to gigantic list of tools and resources

What You'll Pay

Community + Course + Jam Sessions                                                          $199/yr

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